Sepaktakraw Switzerland

Herzlich Wilkommen beim schweizer Sepaktakraw Verband.


Junioren und Anfängertraining:

Monntags: 18.15 Uhr bis 20.00 Uhr

Thiersteinerschule Basel, obere Halle.


Mittwochs: 20.00 Uhr bis 21.45 Uhr

Thiersteinerschule Basel, untere Halle

Individuelles Training:

Donnerstags: 19.00 Uhr bis 21.00 Uhr

Mühlemattschulhaus Binningen, Untere Halle

Bei Interesse kontaktieren sie uns:



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Date and venue

We will be holding a 7 days sports camp from Monday, 22nd to Monday 29th of July 2019.

Monday 22.07.2019 is planned as the day of arrival.

Monday 29.07.2019 is planned as the day of departure.


This ist he camp’s name and website:

National Youth Sports Centre – CST

Via Brere 10, 6598 Tenero Switzerland


There is a gym booked for our Sepaktakraw training only, so it is at our complete disposal. For accommondation there are big military tents (wich all participants confirmed last tim rare easy and comfortable to sleep in). And there is a kitchen tent for food and beverage. The site has direct acces to the lake and plenty of other sports on offer. You can find the complete list under this link:


Training plan

We will set up a complete trainingplan over 4 days. The training will be customised to different levels. Also there will be specify sessions fucussing the progress oft he individual Regu teams.

The training contains 2 structured seuences per day and at least 1 trip into the beautiful surroundings of Tenero. Beachsoccer and beachvolleyball courts are pre-booked as well.

The aim ist o strengthen you as individual Takraw player as well as your team and have fun.



We are charged a fix amount fort he summer camp and it is independent of the number of participants. This is why the price may vary depending on the total amount of participants from

€ 15,00 to € 20,00 per person per night. On top of that we calculate a small amount of around € 10, 00 a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Again this may vary on the number of participants. So all in we hope to come in just under € 35,00 per person per night (including accommondation, food and all sports facilities).



Please send your definite registration until 1st of May 2019 to

In Case you would like to bring your family or partner along please contact us.

We have a maximum of 35 spaces- „first come, firts serves“.